Introducing the Pilot Project for the ATI Demonstration of Knowledge

Currently, the three ATI Sponsors for each Teaching Candidate assess the Candidate’s teaching skills as well as their knowledge in three content areas (Alexander’s Writings, Anatomy and Ethics). 

The Pilot Project is testing a way for Teaching Candidates to demonstrate their knowledge in these three areas before their ATI Sponsors assess their teaching skills.   Each area will have a set of Reviewers.  The Candidate will complete a Demonstration of Knowledge in each area and then Reviewers will be selected to review them.  The Reviewers will not be evaluating the candidates work.   The purpose of the review is to check for accuracy and completeness, and to give the candidate an opportunity to discuss their thinking with another teacher before meeting with their ATI Sponsor. Teaching Candidates will have the opportunity to revise their Demonstrations of Knowledge based on the Reviewer’s feedback if they so choose.  Once the Candidate is confident in their work their completed Demonstrations of Knowledge will be sent to their selected ATI Sponsors to help inform their meetings with the Candidate.

Teaching Candidates may submit their Demonstrations of Knowledge in a particular content area as soon as they feel prepared to do so. For example, if a Candidate’s training course focuses on anatomy in the first year, they can complete the Anatomy portion at that time.

Once you complete a Demonstration of Knowledge we will assign your work to a Reviewer.   With your consent, the Committee may share your work with others interested in the Pilot Project, but if anyone other than your assigned Reviewer views your work, all personal identification will be removed.  Your Demonstrations of Knowledge will not be viewed by anyone not directly involved with the Pilot Project.

Currently, the Pilot Project is completely voluntary.  At this time, you are not required to complete the Demonstrations of Knowledge in order to qualify for an ATI Teaching Certificate. If you are a candidate for ATI Certification this year, you may choose to share your work with your ATI Sponsors yourself, but they will not see it otherwise.  If you do share your work with your ATI Sponsors, please let us know so we can follow up with them to gather information about their experience with the Demonstrations of Knowledge.  This will help us improve the process.

Your participation will provide a tremendous service to ATI and help ATI improve its Teacher Certification Process.  And we hope you will find it an enriching activity in its own right. 

The Pilot Project Packet includes the prompts and format guidelines for the Demonstrations of Knowledge. If you would like to participate, please send your responses to the ATI Professional Development Committee at [email protected].

If you have any questions please send a message to the address above.  Thank you very much for your participation.