III. Teacher Certification

Policy (1994): Only sponsored Teaching Members receive ATI Teaching Certificates.
Policy (2004): Teacher Certification Proposal:

1. To receive an ATI Teaching Certificate a person must:

a. be a member in good standing of ATI; and

b. complete the ATI Teacher Evaluation Process.

2. The Evaluation Process consists of:

a. applying for evaluation (completing the Application for ATI Teaching membership and/or ATI Teaching Certificate);
b. Policy (2011): Confirmation of Training: ATI requires written acknowledgement that an ATI teaching certificate candidate has completed a process to learn to teach the FM Alexander Technique. This requirement will be satisfied in the following manner: each ATI teaching candidate must submit to each sponsor, before being evaluated, a copy of the candidate’s training certificate, or a letter from an Alexander Technique teacher confirming successful completion of a training process. This Alexander Technique teacher will have played a significant role in this process such as trainer or mentor. A “significant role” means a relationship of continuous work and study. A copy of either document must be included in the Certified Teacher Application packet.
c. completing both parts of the Teacher Evaluation process, with three (3) Sponsors.

The Teacher Evaluation Process shall consist of two parts:

1. The Demonstration of Knowledge will include these three areas:

a. information on Alexander’s life, some history of the Technique and principles of his technique as described in his books (II-B from the ATI Criteria);
b. anatomy (II-C from the ATI Criteria)
c. ethics (II-D from the ATI Criteria)

Knowledge in these areas will be specified in a set of written questions. There will be a set number of questions in each area. These questions will be publicly available. Candidates will be asked some but not all of the questions in each area. Candidates may respond to the questions orally or in writing, in person or via mail/email or audio tape. The PDC will be responsible for coordinating the development of these questions. The questions will be presented to the membership for feedback and approval. In order for ATI sponsors to evaluate to ATI standards we recommend that the Certification Coordinating Committee develop a means of training sponsors to ATI standards; initially, this means of training would help develop these standards.

2. Demonstration of Teaching Skills (II-A and III from the ATI Criteria):

During the Demonstration of Teaching Skills a prospective teaching member candidate will be evaluated by three ATI Sponsors.

Procedure: The Certification Coordination Committee determines that paperwork is complete.  When the teacher candidate has successfully completed this process, the ATI Board of Directors will grant the candidate an ATI Teaching Certificate.

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