The Alexander Technique, Twelve fundamentals of integrated movement

By Penelope Easten

The Alexander Technique, Twelve Fundamentals of Integrated Movement by Penelope Easten, is published by Handspring publishing (March 2021). See details, reviews and link to purchase at

This book emerges from the author’s lessons with Miss Goldie, one of Alexander’s first trainees. It describes how the entire human structure is built to create movement.

Up-to-date scientific research and functional biomechanics are woven with Alexander’s concepts to give a whole picture of how our human body functions: how it moves, feels, perceives and self-organises. Nearly 200 practical explorations capture the essence of Goldie’s teaching and explore Alexander’s original self-help methods. The book is richly illustrated with numerous photos and links to short videos to watch on your phone.

The book presents a new interpretation of how Alexander developed the technique and what happened next. It clarifies the functional anatomy that underpins the technique; the physiology of coming to quiet; the crucial importance of spatial awareness, embodiment, vision, cognitive processes, and much more. 

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I cannot remember when such an exciting new read about our beloved craft has come into my hands.” Victoria Cole, Voice and Alexander Technique Music Director White Mountains Camerata, Faculty Concord Community Music School.

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