Board & Committees

Board Members and Committee Chairs are dedicated volunteers elected by the membership.

2019 – 2020 ATI Board:

Board Co-Chair:     Rosa-Luisa Rossi | Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Board Co-Chair:     Marya Spring Cordes | Dayton, OH, USA
Assistant Board Chair:     Marilou Chacey | Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Secretary:     Diego De Acosta | Seattle, WA, USA
Treasurer:     Victoria Leomant | Clairac, France
Director:     Debi Adams | Boston, MA, USA
Director:     Diane Hovenesian | Medfield, MA, USA

Every member of ATI can help shape the organization by becoming a committee member. ATI believes that having new members work with current members helps us to remain fresh, with new energy and ideas injected from new people as committees grow and turnover. Please consider joining one of the committees listed below: contact the Chair of the committee of your choice to find out more about contributing to the committee. Our individual volunteers are of great value to ATI‘s ever-changing shape, and the committee work in turn allows our volunteers to develop and learn by being a vital part of what is going on in our organization.

2019-2020 ATI Committees, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members:

Annual Conference Agenda Planning Committee Co-Chairs:
Marilou Chacey | Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Bill Conable |  Cheney, WA, USA

Committee Member(s):

Committee Purpose:   The Agenda Planning Committee collects proposals, reports and other business for the Membership Council Meetings that are conducted each year during the business part of the ATI Annual Conference. This Committee works with the people and committees that are submitting proposals to make sure they are well crafted. They assemble the Facilitation and Agenda Coordinating Team (FACT), and plan the meeting agendas, as well as coordinate any last minute changes to the agendas. The Committee also steers the proposals through the online Formal Consensus Process in the months before an ATI Annual Conference to ensure the proposal is streamlined and ready for meeting work and voting.


Annual Conference Site Planning Committee Co-Chairs:
Fiona Cranwell | Dublin, Ireland
Linda Hein | Somerville MA, USA 

Committee Purpose:  The Site Planning Committee is tasked with seeking appropriate meeting locations around the world for future Annual Conferences and to support the Site Coordinators for the locations as they plan and conduct the Annual Conference of ATI. This committee works hand in hand with the other committees that are involved in the running of the ATI Annual Conference, particularly Workshop Planning, Agenda Planning, the Board and the ATI Office.


Annual Conference Workshop Planning Committee Chair:
Morgan Ford Brunketurner | Auburn WA USA

Committee Purpose:  The Workshop Planning Committee is responsible for the schedule of workshops taking place at the ATI Annual Conference. The Committee solicits proposals for workshops from members and non-members in the first quarter of each year, based on the theme of the annual meeting as decided by the Board. The program for the Annual Conference is created from these proposals. The Committee works with individual workshop leaders, the Agenda Planning Committee and the Board to ensure the proper mix of workshops, business meetings, and social events.


Certification Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs:
Eric Rentmeister | Koln, Germany
Delia Rosenboom | Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

Committee Member(s):
Sarah Barker | Columbia, SC, USA
Nigel Hornby | Oslo, Norway
Tommy Schoffler | Buckhannon, WV,  USA
Linda Hein | Somerville, MA, USA

Committee Purpose:  The Certification Coordinating Committee oversees the ATI Certification Process. The CCC coordinates with the ATI office and ATI Sponsors to ensure that the teaching member applicant has met all criteria to receive an ATI Teaching Certificate. The CCC also coordinates the Sponsorship activities of the Pre-day each year at the ATI Annual Conference. The Committee oversee the election and re-election of all ATI Sponsors, and provide support to ATI Sponsors in their evaluations of applicants.


Communications Committee Co-Chairs:
Freddy Villano | Ithaca, NY, USA
Melissa Webber | West Windsor, NJ, USA

Exchange Editor:     Kathleen Juhl | Austin TX  USA
Communiqué Editors:     Freddy Villano & Melissa Webber
Online Editor, Social Media:    Jennifer Roig-Francoli | Cincinnati, OH, USA

Committee Purpose:   The Communications Committee is responsible for communications with the membership, which includes our publications and our social media presence. ATI publishes a quarterly members-only newsletter, called The Communique, which serves to keep members informed about ATI activities and developments. We also publish our journal, the ExChange, which showcases articles about Alexander Technique teaching, practice, and how we can best bring the Alexander Technique to the world. Our Committee and publication editors are:


Continuing Education Committee Chair:
Jennifer Mizenko | University MS, USA

Committee Member(s):
Sarah Barker | Columbia, SC, USA
Corinne Cassini | Boone, NC, USA
Victoria Leomant | Clairac, France
Eve Salomon | London, UK

Committee Purpose:  The Continuing Education Committee is developing a program that recognizes the continuous learning of our ATI teaching members.


Ethics Advisory Committee Co-Chairs:
Jamee Culbertson | Woburn, MA, USA
Michael Serio | Buffalo, NY, USA

Committee Member(s):
Rachel Prabhakar | Brookline, MA, USA
Peter Nobes | London, UK
Dr. Maria Weiss | Zell-Ebenhausen, Germany

Committee Purpose:  The Ethics Advisory Committee is charged with the confidential investigation of alleged violations of the ATI Code of Ethics. All ATI Teaching and General Members are bound by a Code of Ethics.   We have provided a link to the full Ethics Advisory Committee complaint procedure document.


Formal Consensus Committee Chair:
Diana Bradley | Takoma Park, MD, USA

Committee Member(s):
Marilou Chacey | Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Catherine Madden | Seattle, WA, USA

Committee Purpose:  ATI members chose Formal Consensus (developed by C.T. Lawrence Butler and Amy Rothstein) as their means of decision making because they believe its principles align closely with the principles of the Alexander Technique. The committee members are trained in the Formal Consensus process. They work closely with the Agenda Planning Committee to plan and help facilitate the Membership Council Meetings held at the ATI Annual Conferences. The Committee trains new facilitators, and helps guide ATI members in understanding the Formal Consensus process so they can fully participate in the business of ATI.


International Committee Chair:
Corinne Cassini | Boone, NC, USA

Committee Member(s):
Tommy Thompson | Belmont, MA, USA

Committee Purpose:  The purpose of the International Committee is to ensure that ATI members of all nationalities and languages can participate fully in all ATI activities and business.


Membership Committee Chair:
Diane Foust | La Crosse, WI, USA

Committee Member(s):

Committee Purpose:  The Membership Committee supports new members by operating the Buddy System, which matches new ATI members with a volunteer ATI member who can answer questions and help the new member understand how to get the best experience of the organization. The Committee also works with the ATI office coordinator on issues regarding membership. The Committee stays in touch with the membership regarding member benefits and any other issues that may arise.


Nominations Committee Co-Chairs:
Dana Calvey | New York, NY, USA
Tommy Thompson | Belmont, MA, USA

Committee Purpose:    The Nominations Committee finds members to serve as the Executive Board members, and Committee Chairs who keep ATI working.  All members are eligible to serve in any Board position and as any Committee Chair.   Any member considering volunteering for any position should contact the Nominations Committee Co-Chairs.


Professional Development Committee Chair:
Joseph Kaplan | Newhall, CA, USA

Committee Member(s):
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Robert Lada | Cambridge, MA, USA
David Mills | Seattle, WA, USA
Cirsten Verleger | Dortmund, Germany

Committee Purpose:   The task of the Professional Development Committee is to establish the teaching of the Alexander Technique on a professional basis, by defining the content of the Technique; by describing the scope and nature of teaching; and by developing criteria, standards and the means for evaluating the competencies of teachers.


Vision/Mission and Formal Consensus Process Committee Chair:
Catherine Madden | Seattle, WA, USA

Committee Member(s):
Fiona Cranwell | Dublin, Ireland
Jamee Culbertson | Woburn, MA, USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Jennifer Mizenko | University, MS, USA
Tommy Thompson | Belmont, MA, USA

Committee Purpose:   The Vision/Mission Committee is comprised of former ATI Board Chairs, and is sometimes referred to as the “Council of Elders.” The Committee serves as an advisory committee to the ATI Executive Board, all ATI Committees, and all ATI members. Consequently, the Committee knows the history of the organization through the years, and is charged with seeing that our evolving vision/mission is part of the social and organizational fabric of ATI.