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Last year, in our first virtual (entirely online!) Conference, we had record-breaking participation; there is no going back to an in-person only event for us. The online element will forever be with us going forward.   

So, for 2021, the Site team, together with the Board, Workshop and Agenda Planning Committees are working together to plan another ground-breaking new model of an ATI Conference!  We will have our usual in-person meeting, and a virtual meeting for those who can’t attend in person.  The bridge between us will be the events in Boone live-streamed to the virtual attendees. We hope our brave travelers to North Carolina, and our virtual attendees, create and continue connections around the world, embodying ATI’s vision of diversity and inclusivity with our internationality.



The Workshop Planning Committee has arranged for an outstanding lineup of workshops for this year, both in person and for our virtual ACGM.  

On site participants will experience workshops including Polyvagal Theory and Evolution, Embodying Movement of the Pelvis, “Spansion”- Bridging Expansion and Inspansion, Working with AT Principles in Elementary Education, Embodying Virtual Reality, Walking in Nature with Whispered “Ah,” Yielding into Support and many others. 

There will be a full schedule of virtual workshops on Zoom, such as The Wise Way to Yoga, Imaginarium: Games for the Kingdom of Zoom, Introducing AT in Russian, Applying AT to Crossfit, Attracting Clients without Struggle, an offering from the Certification Coordination Committee, and many, many others. There will be several pre-recorded offerings as well for all to enjoy. 

Keynote Speaker Information:
This year, our Keynote Speaker evening will be on Monday, October 18, with entertainment to follow! The Keynote Speaker is Erik Bendix from Asheville, NC.   

Awards Banquet Information:
Each year, ATI holds its Awards Banquet, which includes a special meal, the Awards presentation, and entertainment. This year, our Banquet is scheduled for October 19 (NOTE: it is NOT on the same evening as our Keynote Speaker.) 

Live Entertainment: 
As always, we will have local, live entertainment – music, dancing, No-Talent Night!


Annual Conference Assistants: 

We need three trainee assistants to help us in Boone! If you are interested serving as a trainee assistant, please contact Site Committee at [email protected]. An application for Conference Assistants will be posted soon.


Registration Information:

Registration will be open shortly! Conference registration fees this year will again be reduced from prior years, to accommodate the continued economic recovery from COVID-19. If you can, please donate so that members who cannot afford the registration fee might attend! There is a donation section at the end of the registration form. Registration fees will be as follows:

  1. Boone on-site attendee fees (USD):

$275.00 Non-member;
$250.00 Teaching/general member;
$100.00 Trainee member;
$75.00 per sponsor certification session.

When you register for the onsite conference, you will also register for your room, your meals (if you are staying off-cite), and the Awards Banquet for those who will only be attending Tuesday night. We ask that you note any dietary restrictions you may have so the venue can accommodate your needs. NOTE: Please do not contact the venue to arrange for lodging or dietary requests.  

In the event that our in-person event is cancelled, your registration fees will be transferred to our virtual ACGM! 

Virtual attendee fees (USD):   

The suggested amounts are: $250.00, $150.00, or $50.00.

We will be using the honor system again this year: you can choose the amount that you can afford to pay. All we ask that if you can pay more, please do, with our thanks, as it helps those who cannot afford a larger fee. If you wish to pay a lesser amount, or cannot afford to pay at all, please contact Dana Calvey at [email protected].

Sponsorship Candidates:

Because of the COVID pandemic, we face the possibility that many of our sponsors will not be traveling in October to Boone. We would like to get an early count, to get an idea of how many sponsors we will need in Boone. If you are planning to go through the sponsor certification process in Boone, please email Erik on the Certification Coordinating Committee at [email protected]


ATI will have the entire conference center for the week of our ACGM. There are ample rooms available to accommodate single room requests. You may, at your discretion, share a room with another attendee. ATI and BRCC will be following the COVID-19 guidelines that are in place at the time of our meeting. This may mean mask-wearing, so please bring your favorite masks! 

We will also try to utilize outdoor meeting spaces for meetings and workshops as we can. These spaces include an amphitheater and fire pits, with gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is plenty of hiking on the grounds and in the area, and there is a heated indoor pool (NOTE: only the water is heated, not the room!) 



The Blowing Rock Conference Center is situated within a two-hour drive of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, the Greensboro Airport, and Asheville Airport in North Carolina. Once you arrive at your airport, you will need to arrange your own transportation to BRCC. NOTE: If you choose to take the bus service arranged through ATI (Sunway Charter), you will select that option when you register for the ACGM and be invoiced for that expense prior to the Conference. Please plan your air travel accordingly, as there is one “ATI shuttle” leaving ONLY the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in the evening. If you fly into the Greensboro or Asheville airports, you must have your own transportation to the BRCC.

Those transportation options include:

  1. Car Rental;
  2. Ride Sharing; or
  3. ATI Reserved Shuttle Service. There will be a small shuttle Saturday evening, October 16, 2021, leaving the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport ONLY at 7:00 p.m. arriving at BRCC at 9:00 p.m. (for anyone who wants to arrive early with the Sponsors), and a larger shuttle Sunday evening, October 17, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., arriving at BRCC at 9:00 p.m. for conference attendees to arrive in time for Monday’s opening circle.

We will have one large shuttle leaving BRCC Friday, October 22, 2021, after the conference, at 2:00  p.m. returning everyone to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport ONLY.

  1. Buses leaving from Boone to Charlotte and Greensboro. These buses do not go to either airport, but will take you to the Greyhound Bus Station in Charlotte or Greensboro. You will have to find an Uber, Lyft, Taxi, or public transportation from the Greyhound station to the airport.

Check back for more information, as we will be updating this information over the next few months!  If you feel you need more information before you register or make travel arrangements, please contact the Site Committee at [email protected]