Activities of Daily Living

Alexander Technique for Activities of Daily LivingDo everyday chores cause you pain? Does sitting give you neck tension? Or does standing hurt your back?

Everyday activities such as washing up, lifting, carrying or walking can affect the quality of how you live your life. Standing and sitting for long periods of time are challenges to many people. Computers, cell phones and tablets make demands on our posture and our presence. The Alexander Technique helps do these activities more easily by helping you understand how you are designed to move and how to make changes in how you do these everyday activities and chores.

Life usually just happens, until one day you feel pain or discomfort and put it down to age, overwork or having to work with awkward equipment. Alexander suffered from vocal problems, and brought his discoveries into his own life to solve them. Bringing awareness to the HOW we do small everyday activities allows us to interrupt the wear and tear that goes on without our knowing about it.

Let’s explore an example see how the Alexander Technique can help you do an everyday activity more easily. In the questions below, we take you through some questions to bring awareness to this everyday activity. Notice what happens as you ask yourself the questions. Do not worry about how you do feel or what you notice or don’t notice. The example simply invites you to explore an activity engaging your mindful thinking.


Everyone uses a sink to wash, to prepare food, fill the kettle etc. In fact we all use a sink many times a day. While you are at the sink ask yourself:

What is your head doing?

Is your head bent forward looking down the drain, or are you available to see the whole room?

What happens in your neck muscles when you follow your eyes up and down?

What would happen if you invited your attention to your legs and feet?

How are you connecting to the floor?

How does it feel if you allow your knees release slightly forward and your hip joints back?

Is this a new way of working at a sink?

How hard was it to implement?

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